Regenerative Cellular Technology

Dermoaroma marks an important evolution in the field of Chemical peels.

The process of accelerating cell turnover, traditionally recognized as the basis for many antiaging treatments, is enriched with a patented technology for actual tissue reconstruction: the GF20 BOOST and AMPLEX+ Technology.




The use of this active ingredient in the preparation phase, in the outpatient sessions and in post-treatment at home, constitutes the true epigenetic innovation associated with chemical peels, unique in the world.

Cellular renewal is biological and follows the regenerative physiology of the healing process. The skin returns to homeostasis, the reparative action is fast and natural, and the tissues are rejuvenated.

This is the reason why we speak about SYSTEM, pointing the fact that the tissues start the regeneration at home to become ready to receive the stress stimulus of chemical peels with the better condition and continuing the stimulation after the session.

This new regenerative system is made up of three step:


It is therefore possible to speak of a real PEELING THERAPY rather than peeling itself, because the goal of Dermoaroma is to allow the doctor to work on tissues ready to receive an important stimulus without altering the natural physiological conditions of the skin. The acid stimulus is controlled and gentle but prolonged over time, and thanks to adequate preparation it will be possible to obtain more impactful and lasting results compared to normal peelings on the market, for healthy and regenerated skin in the longest possible span of time. 


Regenerative cell technology

AMPLEX+ Technology is a patented technology made up of 20 growth factors and 20 Billion Exosomes enriched with active ingredients that are not present in stem cell cultures.

In fact, since 2004 studies have confirmed that, contrary to what was thought, it is not stem cells that have reparative power, but the factors they release that stimulate tissue regeneration.

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Furthermore, DERMOAROMA scientific research has surpassed all production standards in the world, amplifying the penetration power of GF20 thanks to special carriers: exosomes.

Exosomes are bioactive substances emerging in the aesthetic medicine market involved in multiple biological and cellular activities of the skin.

These small nanometer-sized membrane vesicles (200Nm) are considered vehicles of intercellular communication and contain numerous elements including mRna, miRna, cytokines, growth factors and lipids.

These microscopic particles represent the horizon of all regenerative and biotechnological medicine as they have the power to:

  • Promote wound healing by stimulating angiogenesis and cell proliferation.
  • They significantly reduce the formation of scars because they intervene in the 5 phases of the skin repair mechanism.
  • Resize the amplitude in the scar formation.
  • Modulate skin pigmentation by regulating tyrosinase and the formation of melanocytes.
  • Treat alopecia and prevent hair loss.
  • Increase the production of type I collagen in the tissues and reduce that of type III.

The topical use of AMPLEX+ Technology, in combination with the action of the pool of acids suitably selected based on criteria of synergistic efficacy with it, performs an action that amplifies the result that could be obtained with a normal peeling on the market, and which represents a real revolution in the field of topical exfoliants.

The specific activity of our technology is the BASE of The Peeling System, which support all the other collateral actions of the various formulations:

  • Acceleration of cell turnover and natural tissue regeneration.
  • Rebuild damaged tissue based on cellular synthesis.
  • Return the skin to homeostasis with a beneficial therapeutic effect.
  • Powerful anticancer effect.

The regenerative cellular technology of our peelings constitutes a real therapeutic plan that combines the exfoliating, purifying and depigmenting properties from the acids in combination with regenerative medicine, giving birth to a unique method of its kind, thanks to the scientific and biotechnological approach of company that developed the method in its own production laboratories.

The entire peeling system line enjoys legal certifications as a class IIB medical device and is produced in the Dermoaroma laboratories following quality control criteria.

The peeling system line allows the doctor to choose the most suitable treatment solution for his patient, providing a range of choices that encompass several problems together, this because often the therapeutic needs intersect in the same subject who may present several blemishes simultaneously.

The types of peels are interchangeable to allow the doctor to be the craftsman of his own work and allow for the personalization of the treatment.

The results and progress of the patient are guaranteed and visible from the first session after using the complete protocol indicated by the company.

One of its Kind Peeling System with Encapsulation technology keeping all active ingredients stable and not deteriorated due to the low PH of Acids.

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