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Dermoaroma is an Italian company, 100% owned by Roberto Fronte and Melvin Farrugia, the founders. Together Fronte and Farrugia have 35 years’ worth of combined experience in the Cosmetics, Trichology and Aesthetics industry. Both of them have held senior management positions with major companies locally and internationally.

Investments on ground breaking research by an Italian team of cosmetologist and pharmacist came up with the most innovative and advanced formulas for professional treatments to treat all skin types even to most sensitive ones. Dermoaroma consists of 4 brands in Medical Aesthetics, Trichology and Platelet Rich Plasma and Dietary Supplements.

MesoAroma is a specifically designed mesotherapy range which consists of treatments for aesthetic problems, all our products are certified as Medical Device I and we are the first company in Italy in progress to have Medical Device III on 9 products in mesotherapy.

TricoAroma is a specifically tailored trichology products range which consists of anti-hair-loss, anti-dandruff, and sebum-regulating. Alongside these products, we offer cutting-edge techniques to ensure targeted and customized treatments to solve any problem due to poor scalp condition and to stimulate blood circulation and improve hair growth.

DPGPRP is a blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. As a concentrated source of autologous platelets. PRP contains (and releases through degranulation) several different growth factors and other cytokines that stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue. It is a revolutionary method that represents the new frontier for therapeutic cell regeneration, a safe and effective solution that ensures reproducibility and standardization of results. Our PRP is FDA approved and CE Medical Device IIb with a special patent for an Inert Thixotropic gel for perfect separation.


DERMOSUPPLEMENTS was developed on the basis of international analysis and research in the field of dietary supplementation, eating habits, general wellbeing and beauty.

It includes a highly specialized series of dietetic food supplements, particularly with natural ingredients, with specific formulas aiming at recovering and keeping wellness and a peak physical condition and shape.

The company’s Legal office is located in Catania, Italy. The production is located in Italy and offices in Dubai and Miami and Malta.


To establish Dermoaroma as an important brand that represents quality in Trichology care and Medical Aesthetic products. We accomplished this by using high quality manufacturing and research, a creative marketing program, and a comprehensive international distribution network using, internet presence, and International and Local expo presence.

By utilizing this multi-channel approach, we were able to reach the niche market in Aesthetics and Trichology rapidly and efficiently. It allowed us to develop Dermoaroma as the brand for quality Aesthetics products within our target market. We are aiming to become one of the pioneers in anti-aging dermo-cosmetics for the professionals and their customers by guarantee them quality assurance, safety and experience and be present in most of the international markets.


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