Aesthetics and trichology are experiencing a golden age of innovation, with significant progress in pursuing advanced techniques and developing products that not only improve appearance, but also safeguard the environment.

This fervor for excellence is manifested in companies such as Dermoaroma, an icon in the sector of aesthetic and trichology products, located in Misterbianco, province of Catania.

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In this small corner of Sicily, experts and researchers converge from every corner of Europe to shape the future of the industry. Attention is focused on the Amplex system, a cutting-edge technology that promises tangible improvements in both the aesthetic and trichological fields.

Dermoaroma, with its recent production activated in Sicily, stands out for the exclusive use of local raw materials, guaranteeing an authentically Sicilian imprint in its products.

This approach results in a range of niche products, carefully formulated for the reactivation of the hair bulb and skin cells.

Dermoaroma’s flagship is a revolutionary new product, conceived as the future of aesthetic and regenerative medicine. Extracted from the growth factors and erosomes of bovine colostrum, this product offers over 250 active elements, enriched with cytokines, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins and reducing agents.

For those who wish to explore this revolution in aesthetics and trichology, the experts at Dermoaroma are ready to provide all the necessary explanations. Sicily thus becomes a crossroads for the pioneers of aesthetic medicine, and Dermoaroma confirms itself as a beacon of innovation in this exciting path towards a brighter future for our beauty and well-being.

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Dermoaroma at IMCAS 2024
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