We have studied ageing dynamics and complex processes behind it for a decade in the ultimate pursuit to develop an alternative break through solution to overcome limitations of stem cell therapies.

Our innovative portfolio is harnessing the power of organic bovine colostrum SECRETOMES.

Clinically proven and meticulously tested, with a perfectly balanced composition enriched with 20 functional Growth Factors and 20 Billion EXOSOMES, PURASOMES complexes restructure mature, distressed and UV damaged skin through a powerful cellular reprogramming.

Exosomal Liquid Laser

Advanced Hybrid Peel product line with no downtime utilizes a complex liposome-polymer bioactive substances encapsulation and slow-release mechanism, improving actives bioavailability and efficacy, resulting in a dramatic skin condition improvement. Combined with exosomes treatment, Hybrid Peel creates a powerful biostimulation which can be compared to laser skin resurfacing results without causing damage to epidermis.

Exosomal Liquid Laser

Utilized combined synergistic action of organic colostrum-derived SECRETOMES with their high biocompatibility and increased actives delivery load, consisting of extracellular vesicle (EV), specifically EXOSOMES, lipids, nucleic acids, microvesicles, membrane particles, peptides and nucleic acids,  combined with therapeutic benefits of PRP.

Dr. Anoob’s lecture on science behind SECRETOMES and their application in regenerative aesthetics

Dr Anoob Pakkar-Hull, MD

Date: Friday 2 February 2024

Time: 08:30 to 18:00

Place: Open stage (Exhibition Hall) – Level 3

Dr. Anoob Pakkar-Hull, MD

With 25 years service in Healthcare, Dr. Anoob has been dedicating last several years to guiding young professionals to become responsible and proficient aesthetic medicine providers, exemplifying his dedication alongside his premier clinics in the UK, offering  a comprehensive range of safe and cutting-edge medical-grade treatments.


  • Regional Anaesthesia & Acute Pain Management (EDRA), European Society of Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Therapy (ESRA)
  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Director of DermoAroma Training Academy

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