Tissue regeneration is a revolutionary medical approach

Amazingly, the body can repair and regenerate itself on its own, as seen in the natural healing of wounds, burns and broken bones. Therefore living tissue can be used to stimulate the natural healing process of the body.

This form of medical healing is also called regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. It is an approach that applies the principles of medicine, biology and engineering. Tissue regeneration is used chiefly to accelerate the healing process, and to promote the healing of diseased tissues and organs that will not heal or mend on their own.

Regenerative medicine is especially helpful in healing broken bones, chronic wounds and deep burns, but it also has been shown to help repair damaged nerves and structures of the heart.

With our new DPG PRP mixed with Hyaluronic Acid, we can use in Orthopaedics especially Knee osteoarthritis’ (OA).

In OA, a deleterious fluidic microenvironment is established, with presence of HA fragments, catabolic enzymes and inflammatory molecules. The central concept underlying intra-articular injection is to modify deleterious fluidic micro-environments.

PRP administration has shown pain remission and function improvement, but less than half of the patients showed clinically significant improvement. PRP exceeds HA, the comparator used in PRP clinical trials, albeit both HA and PRP alleviate symptoms in mild-to-moderate OA patients. Combining PRP and HA may benefit from their dissimilar biological mechanisms and help in controlling delivery and presentation of signalling molecules.