Face lifting and strengthening has been revolutionized thanks to the use of thread lifting with meso-threads

The introduced meso-threads have an immediate lifting and supporting effects, which allows genuine 3D-simulations in all directions on all tissue depths.

The unique installation technique of meso-threads, which are made of a safe absorbable surgical material, allows to simulate tissue in all directions, including those areas of the face and body, which were not available to other technologies.

This technique boosts numerous advantages including its lasting results as well as immediate effect.

It is also possible to treat without the use of anesthesia or with minimal anesthesia as the procedure is not invasive and not traumatic.

Thread lifting is compatible with many techniques (Botulin therapy, mesotherapy, PRP, peelings, radio wave therapy, etc.) and most of all 100% biocompatible with tissues and guarantees the complete absorption of the thread.

It gives also the ability to use the thread as a carrier for cosmeceutic.