Voloma Fillers


We believe that the performance characteristics of Voloma cosmetic fillers will restore a smoother youthful appearance and enhance facial contours

Volumizing Filler CaHa

We believe that the performance characteristics of Voloma® result from inherent advantages in our proprietary calcium hydroxylapatite, or CaHA, technology and gel carrier.

CaHA is identical in composition to a mineral component of human bone and teeth and is absorbed by the body through normal metabolic processes. Voloma® provides long lasting, but not permanent, aesthetic augmentation, since all of the materials in are fully metabolized over time and this unique combination of attributes have led to a high level of patient satisfaction, which, in turn, may help physicians grow their practices through repeat business and referrals. Voloma filler injection is classified as a Class III medical device.

We recently launched two new syringe formats of Voloma® – the 1.5cc and the 0.8cc Voloma® polypropylene syringe to provide aesthetic doctors with a better range for patient treatments.


Hyaluronic Acid filler

The HYALURONIC ACID FILLER LINE VOLOMA includes three formulations for the treatment of facial wrinkles (V + FACE), a specific product for the expansion and remodeling of the lips (V + LIPS), a high density version to emphasize the contours of the face and define chin and cheekbones or to emphasize the contours of the face (VPLUS).

As all treatments with fillers based on hyaluronic acid, treatment with FILLER VOLOMA V + HAS is carried out in the clinic, it is particularly simple and requires about thirty minutes. After treatment, you can immediately resume your activities. In some cases you may see a modest redness or swelling that disappears in a few hours.

All fillers based on hyaluronic acid infiltration require to be repeated over time to maintain optimal results. The FILLER VOLOMA V + HA normally have a duration of between ten to twelve months.
The rate of re-absorption of the hyaluronic acid is not constant, and depends on the specific characteristics of the skin of each patient, the lifestyle and the extent of exposure to aging factors, such as the sun, cold or wind.

Hyaluronic acid is a normal constituent of the skin, allergic reactions to the treatment have not been reported. There’s no need to run tests prior to the infiltration of FILLER VOLOMA V + HA, and you can perform touch-ups if you want to increase the effects obtained with the first treatment.




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