TricoAroma World


TricoAroma World is a specifically tailored trichology products range which consists of anti-hair-loss, anti-dandruff and sebum-regulating

Alongside these products, we offer cutting-edge techniques to ensure targeted and customized treatments to solve any problem due to poor scalp condition and to stimulate blood circulation and improve hair growth.

TricoAroma World was born in Bologna. Investments on ground breaking research in the study of stem cells enabled us to be placed at the top in Italy, helping a lot of men and women with problems in thinning hair.

The research and development center of TricoAroma World, focus on tests for reasons in thinning hair by preparing a series of product lines dedicated to different types of scalp problems which enable consistency and thickness in the hair shaft and regenerating the hairs that are bound to fall. The sebum and heat causes lack of perspiration, so after removing impurities, natural stem cells can multiply their effectiveness.

Various tests have given excellent results with our lines that we’re included among the most important companies for quality and effectiveness.




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