Main actives:

Lactic acid
Mandelic acid
Pyruvic acid


Restructa is the delicate peeling for acne, which acts in a combined way both on problems relating to impure skin and on skin flaccidity and loss of compactness.

The peculiarity of this peeling lies in the ability of lactic acid and Mandelic acid to convey other active ingredients, such as DMAE and Bakuchiol, in the epidermal layers with the aim of treating without attacking.

In addition to having a delicate regenerating effect, lactic acid is an excellent ally for the compactness and tone of the tissues, and due to its hygroscopic properties, it has a high moisturizing power, while Mandelic acid has a purifying and bacteriostatic action.

Low-concentration pyruvic acid completes both the antimicrobial action on seborrheic skin and the specific anti-ageing action for thickened skin and helps to fight discoloration caused by the sun.

At the same time, the DMAE will find an important opening to carry out its function of mediator of muscle contraction and therefore work for the compactness of the tissues, resulting in a fundamental ingredient in the treatment of sagging and relaxed tissues.

To complete the restructuring process of this peeling, bakuchiol intervenes, a vegetable alternative to retinol, free of the irritating effects of the latter, which make it suitable even for sensitive individuals.

Bakuchiol, extracted from the seeds and leaves of an Indian plant, has specific antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics because it acts directly on the p. Acnes without inflaming the skin and healing the tissue from within.

It also strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier helping to reduce water loss.


Restructa is indicated to treat:

Acne skin issues.
Skin flaccidity and laxity.
Mild Cutaneous hyper chromia.


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