Main actives:

Glycolic acid
Azelaic acid


Radiance is considered the stain-removing peeling par excellence, representing the only real alternative to hydroquinone, thanks to a complex composition and the use of a main active ingredient, precursor of hydroquinone itself: resorcinol.

Resorcinol is currently one of the few valid alternatives to hydroquinone due to its depigmenting and anti-tyrosine properties. Clinical studies have shown that this active ingredient, in some specific formulations, is about 30 times more powerful than its counterpart, without however causing the toxic effects of hydroquinone.

Resorcinol works in synergy with the other peeling components to have a winning formulation against two important skin pigmentation problems: melasma and chloasma.

Azelaic acid, combined with azeloglycine, strengthens the tyrosinase action, is activated against hyperactive melanocytes while letting normal ones act freely. It then inhibits the proliferation of keratinocytes and at the same time has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory power, making this peeling functional even in patients suffering from acne.

Low-concentration glycolic acid plays a supporting role in enhancing the radiance of the complexion, with a slight keratolytic and moisturizing effect.

The formulation is completed with the presence of glutathione and resveratrol to give a boost of antioxidants during the execution of the peeling, giving a more elastic and fresher look.


Radiance is suitable for:

Melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
Brown spots, freckles, photoaging discolorations.
Active acne.
Reduction of medium and fine wrinkles.


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