Main actives:

Solution A:

Glycolic acid
Phytic acid
Sodium DNA (PDRN)
TCA 35%

Solution B:



Juvena is the bio-generative peeling for excellence because it can rebuild tissues while dismantling them and for this reason it represents the new frontier of epigenetics applied to peelings.

Thanks to the presence of PDRN, a deoxyribonucleotide extracted from salmon trout, the adenosine A2a receptors are activated and the nucleotides responsible for new DNA formation are generated, so as to have tissue repair, healing of damaged tissues, and therefore an anti-aging effect.

This mechanism is able to regenerate cells, reduce the inflammatory effect of classic peels and promote angiogenesis.

Clinical tests demonstrate the activity of PDRN in relation to the regenerative capacity of fibroblasts, which recognize the nucleotides of sodium DNA and use them as nourishment, the increase in collagen synthesis by proline, the decrease in inflammatory cells, and the restorative for tissues damaged by UVB rays.

All this translates into returning the skin to homeostasis with an excellent physiological condition.

The presence of low concentration glycolic acid contributes, thanks to a patented formula, together with the other active ingredients to obtain a regenerating and moisturizing effect.

Phytic acid, deriving from seeds and dried fruit, as well as having a chelating and anti-inflammatory effect, is a powerful antioxidant and has the purpose of illuminating the tissues by counteracting the tyrosinase enzyme.

Retinol is an active ingredient suitably stabilized at a low concentration to enter into synergy with the other elements to reduce fine lines, reduce laxity and even out the tone.


Juvena is indicated for:

Chrono and photoaging.
Light to medium roughness.
Widespread hyperpigmentation.


Regenerative Cellular Technology