Anti-dandruff for oily skin with dandruff and redness

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Norma+ Lotion

Anti-dandruff for oily skin with dandruff and redness

An effective regulator epicutaneous flora that has suffered from the presence of dandruff. This treatment combines plant extracts and essential oils to avoid triggering resistance by micro-organisms. Soothes redness and itching, tonifies the epithelial cells to increase their resistance to flaking, frees the skin of dandruff.

After shampooing and after hair has been patted dry but is still damp, use the special measuring device to apply the product evenly to the skin. Massage in gently to promote absorption.


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Norma+ Scalp Mask

Intense anti-dandruff action

This preparation is a synergy of essential oils with marked characteristics that easily remove dandruff from the skin. Climbazol prevents the formation of new dandruff and reduces irritation and redness while cleansing and sanitizing.

Apply carefully to the scalp prior to shampooing, massage in and allow to rest for 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly and proceed with shampooing.


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Norma+ Shampoo

Anti-dandruff for oily skin with dandruff and redness

The shampoo dedicated to oily dandruff. A synergy of essential oils frees the scalp of dead and inactive skin cells, normalizing and restoring the balance of the scalp.

Spread the shampoo on the scalp while hair is damp, massage gently and repeatedly, then rinse thoroughly and re-apply. For greater effectiveness, allow the second application to rest for several minutes before rinsing.


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Norma+ Cream Scrub

A Cream scrub particularly indicated for scalp treatments with presence of sebum and keratosis

Thanks to the many micro-beads of Jojoba oil it exerts an exfoliation on the scalp which helps to eliminate flaking and normalize sebum secretion, making the skin more receptive to subsequent treatments. The scalp becomes clean, regenerated, brighter hair, and improves the blood microcirculation.

The cream scrub effectively prevents the formation of dandruff, giving an immediate sense of well-being to the skin.

Apply directly onto the scalp before washing. Massage for a few minutes, leave on for at least 15-20 minutes before washing.


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