Invigorating & Energizing

Fresh+ Product description


Fresh+ is a range for normal hair with active ingredients such as Pinus Silvestrus & Rosemary.

These ingredients gives an invigorating and energizing sensation on the scalp, ideally for people who play sports and wash hair frequently. The invigorating sensation is ideal for men and women who like a cooling effect feeling on the scalp.

Fresh+ Cream

A balancing and refreshing mask especially recommended for individuals with excessive secretion of sebum or sweat. Has a cleansing effect, relieving some sensation and irritation of the skin. Enriched with essential oils of peppermint and menthol, tones the skin cells by increasing the resistance to dry scalp, frees the skin from the stagnation of dandruff and leaves the hair soft, shiny and protected.

Use as an intensive invigorating conditioner. Apply to hair, massaging well the whole area down to the scalp. Leave on 2-4 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


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Fresh+ Lotion

Invigorating lotion that revitalizes and refreshes the scalp. Donate immediate skin hydration and relief. Camphor and Menthol, present in the product are known for sanitizing and refreshing preventing dandruff and sebum-regulating.

Apply evenly after shampooing on wet or dry hair and massage for a few minutes. Intensive treatment: 1 application daily for a period of at least two months. Prevention treatment or maintenance: 2-3 weekly applications on the scalp. Gently massage. Do not rinse.


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Fresh+ Shampoo

A refreshing and invigorating shampoo thanks to the aromatherapy essences used, carries a pleasant and intense action on the scalp, removing impurities and regularizing the activity of sebaceous glands. Cleanses thoroughly with extreme care, leaving the scalp hydrated and regenerated.

Distribute the shampoo on damp hair, massage thoroughly. Leave on for a few minutes so that the active ingredients are more effective when in contact with the skin and hair. Rinse thoroughly.


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