Tired hair with no body

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Bioidra+ Nutrient Cream

Tired hair with no body

Restores body, shine and hydration to weak and lifeless hair. It works mostly at the level of cortical fibers and cuticles. Hair shedding is halted and accompanied by noticeable protective and aesthetic effects. Nourishing actions are ensured by the protein content while the oils generate a volume effect that gives body to the hair.

After shampooing and carefully patting hair dry, apply in proportion to hair quantity and length. Massage in gently, comb upwards and allow to rest for a few minutes before rinsing with water.


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Bioidra+ Nutrient Spray

Sensitive hair milk

A special, intense treatment for repairing, restructuring and giving new vitality and strength to damaged and lifeless hair. Recommended for hair that has been hypersensitized by chemical treatments.

After shampooing, pat hair dry and spray to apply the product evenly to the entire head of hair. Comb with a wide-toothed comb to promote absorption before proceeding with styling.


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Bioidra+ Shampoo

Extra gentle

The ultra-gentle surfactants used to formulate this shampoo endow it with emollient properties. The plant extracts and proteins of this formula have a nourishing and strengthening action that generates new levels of strength and vitality, even when used frequently. Especially well-suited for delicate, ultra-sensitive hair.

With damp hair, apply shampoo to the scalp, massage in gently and repeatedly and rinse thoroughly with abundant water.


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