Restructuring Damaged Hair

Argan+ Product description


Our range of Argan+ contains the purest and concentrated level of Argan oils.

The hair treatment benefits from argan oils from Morocco keeping the hair smooth and shiny when applied dry and acts as a hair oil treatment when applied wet.

Argan+ Nutrient Cream

Active treatment based on Argan Oil, rich in phospholipids and essential fatty acids for skin and hair. Deeply nourishes the hair and scalp and improves the texture of the hair from the very first application. Thanks to the beneficial properties of Argan Oil, this balm immediately restructures damaged and brittle hair and strengthens by preventing them from breaking. Good for all hair types and especially recommended for dry, brittle and static to make them shiny, thicker, easy to comb and less frizzy.

Apply the conditioner after shampoo to damp hair, massage and comb with care. Leave for a few minutes and rinse.


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Argan+ Oil

Argan oil properties and components consists of unsaturated fats containing Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids, it helps the hair shaft and repair damaged hair, while vitamin E and antioxidants contribute to the growth, health and rejuvenation of the follicle. It is a fatty oil, it is easily absorbed without leaving a trace, giving shine and softness to the hair protecting them from pollution and weathering. Applied in drops, it form a film on the hair protecting them from the salt, chlorine, wind and sun.

Apply Argan oil by distributing throughout the hair. Make sure the quantity of product is proportional to the length of your hair. Leave for a few minutes then proceed to the normal drying operations.


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Argan+ Shampoo

Thanks to its highly moisturizing shampoo, Argan oil is useful to revitalize dull hair thus making them more soft, shiny and easier to comb. Omega 3 and 9, the most important nourishment for the hair cells, argan oil repairs damaged and brittle hair, making it shiny and less dry. It is also useful to regulate the frizz and manage unruly curly hair. Vitamin E, thanks to natural antioxidants it improves hair growth and slows aging.

Distribute the shampoo to damp hair, massage thoroughly. Leave on for a few minutes so that the active ingredients contained in it have a more effective contact with the skin and hair. Rinse thoroughly.


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