The MesoAroma World CL Cocktail is a synergistic anti-cellulite solution which consists of lipolytic agents: Caffeine, phosphatidylcholine and sodium deoxycholate extracts and natural diuretic anti-inflammatory activities: horsetail extract and artichoke. The synergy of the composition makes this product ideal for the treatment of areas affected by cellulite widespread.

Caffeine activates the tissue lipid metabolism, increasing the reduction of fatty deposits. Phosphatidylcholine: emulsifies triglycerides accumulated in adipocytes, activating their mobilization. Sodium deoxycholate has an emulsifier which conveys triglycerides outside the adipocytes with draining. The artichoke extract has a reducing effect, venous lymphatic drainage.

Hips, Abdomen, Thighs, Double Chin and Arms.

Aqua, caffeine, cynaria scolymus leaf extract, equisetum arvense, sodium desoxycolate, phosphatidilcholine.

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