MesoAroma Anti Cellulite & Body

The MesoAroma ALE Essential is a Artichoke leaf extract (ALE), or Cynara scolymus which is extracted from the globe artichoke plant, and is known to have many medicinal uses.

It has an astringent properties used in treatment of acne. Artichoke leaf extract is rich in various flavonoids, have antioxidant benefits for skin complex having an anti-ageing effect. It is rich in tannins, mucilage, cynarin, escualina, inulin, vitamins A, B, C, and the flavones luteolin glycosides. Concentrate sterols, magnesium, potassium and compounds that act in synergy with cynarin.

All these ingredients give it to ‘artichoke extract the following properties: Cynarin emulsifies fat and active lipid metabolism, Flavonoids minerals and organic acids increase renal flow. Chlorogenic acid is a liver restorative which increases the flow of bile by up to 60%. Polyphenols protect the cell membrane from free radical attacks and prevent oxidation. Vitamins A, B, C are the antioxidant.

Compact and localized cellulite accompanied by edema, Stimulation of lymphatic drainage.

Aqua, Cynaria Scolymus leaf extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Chloride.

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