Lipo-Aroma single use lipofilling kits is indicated for carrying out lipofilling as part of aesthetic or reconstructive surgery

Lipofiling which is also referred to as free fat transfer or fat grafting is a procedure to fill up facial features with your own body fat instead of using a chemical filling. It is also used to enhance the volume of deficient intra and sub-dermal areas through provision of adipose microlobules. This innovative system is especially indicated for rejuvenation of the face but also for filling small volumes over all parts of the body.

Lipo-Aroma kit which is packaged under a sterile blister pack is sold individually and contains all the elements required for the procedure, from harvesting to re injection. The lipo filling can be performed either under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia.

The Aspirated adipose tissue transplantation is commonly performed in three consecutive stages, first harvesting of adipose tissue from a suitable donor site, secondly purification of the aspirated fat tissue to eliminate the cellular oily supernatant and excess solution by gentle centrifugation of 2000RPM for 1 minute, and finally reinjection of the purified fat through a three-dimensional implantation technique.

The lipofilling can also be repeated if necessary and this is usually performed three to six months after the first lipofilling procedure.