Hydra+ is a reinforcing intensive treatment indicated as a moisturizer for sensitive and irritated scalps in the presence of dandruff

It restores the physiological balance of the scalp, dehydration and contrasts the recurrence of dandruff.

HYDRA+ Lotion

Hydrates sensitive, red skin with dry dandruff
Thanks to strong hydration and conditioning powers, the immediate symbiosis gives hair greater elasticity and softness. The mixture of essential oils prevents the formation of dandruff and cutaneous redness.

After shampooing, apply the treatment to the skin and along the full length of the hairs. Massage in gently to promote absorption.

HYDRA+ Shampoo

Hydrates sensitive, red skin with dry dandruff
Recommended for dry hair and skin with dandruff. Formulated with surfactants that provide a delicate and controlled cleaning action without altering the normal skin and hair balance, even when used frequently. The active plant substances and essential oils exert a normalizing, rebalancing effect on the epicutaneous flora and give hair elasticity and shine.

With damp hair, apply shampoo to the scalp, massage in gently and repeatedly, rinse thoroughly with abundant water. For greater effectiveness, allow the second application to rest for several minutes prior to rinsing.

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