Successful method to promote hair regrowth

Hair is an integral part in our appearance, it is therefore logical and understandable when excessive hair loss occurs to be translated in dramatic psychological change.

Fortunately medical research in the trichological field is constantly on turmoil innovative treatments in hair loss, are showing concrete concrete results.

The most advanced and latest treatment against thinning hair is PRP with Density Platelet Gel

PRP is a technique that uses growth factors which are naturally present in the blood platelets, its regenerative medicine based on the principle of stem cells present in the hair bulb. Since the blood contains many platelets it generates cells rich in growth factors which have the function of self-healing. Blood is obtained from same patient in our Density test tubes with separator gel, a centrifuge is used to separate the components of the blood and obtain a compound of Platelet Rich Plasma. The growth factors present in the platelets are able to stimulate the hair bulbs stem cells thus produce new hair follicles.

This technique is a revolution in regenerative medicine and effective in all stages of androgenic alopecia. It is suitable for male and female.

Platelet Rich Plasma is also applied on persons subject to hair transplant. It facilitate a faster and greater rooting of the hair bulb, improving surgical outcome, and favouring a faster skin healing subjected to transplantation.

The Density Platelet Gel PRP treatment takes about 30-45 minutes. No surgical tools are needed in this procedure but in certain cases it is always advisable to make a preliminary assessment in a doctor’s clinic.

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