Aging accelerates the appearance of wrinkles around the eye especially since the skin around is very thin leaving the eyes looking hollow, sunken, and bony

Eye Rejuvenation, has gained popularity over the years-with an increase in procedures every year.

The fatigued appearance in one’s eyes is seen in what is commonly known as crow’s feet (laugh lines or character lines caused by facial muscle movement), tear troughs (dark circles under the eyes from weakened infraorbital septums), the loss of elasticity around the eyes, increased bulges of fat in the orbital areas under the eyes, and thin eyelashes.

There are different forms of treatment to combat these problems which include non surgical and surgical procedures.

Non surgical eye rejuvenation procedures include fillers, these leave the eyes looking significantly more refreshed and less tired-appearing. Often this can be combined with Botox, which can be used to lift the eyebrows and significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the crows fee and along the lower eyelid region.

Non-Surgical Eye-Lift or Liquid Eyelift is another option. A fillers is used to fill the hollowing. This is a technically demanding treatment and truly requires both significant experience and a detailed understanding of the normal anatomy of this region. The results can make the individual look significantly more rested (even if they are not) and youthful and results of injection in this region can last up to 1 year or more.

And when the volume loss is more substantial and includes the cheeks and upper face, fat transfer is a preferable treatment. This procedure gives the face a more youthful contour and shape. The results can be very dramatic yet natural appearing and subtle. The major advantage is that the results are permanent.

The most known surgical procedure is the blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelift. This is a cosmetic eyelid operation to reduce skin wrinkling or reduce puffy bags under the eyes. It involves restructuring the eyelid, removing or moving excess tissue (skin, fat), strengthening tendons and muscles, or to reduce peripheral vision loss. Benefits include tighter skin, loss of worry lines, reduced appearance of fatigue, improved peripheral vision, stronger eyelids and eyelid muscles, and improved eye elasticity.