One of the most increasingly popular forehead treatment is the brow lift

This procedure is used to reduce the creases that appear with age in the forehead. Idea for those patients that wish to seeking a solution to unwanted furrows and deep forehead lines and for those suffering from premature aging signs such as drooping eyebrows.

Brow lifts may be used in conjunction with hair transplants to treat a receding hairline or baldness; or with fat transfers to create volume; or with blepharoplasty or facelift to achieve a fully satisfactory outcome.

A forehead lift usually requires only local anesthesia (awake but sedated), though occasionally general anesthesia (asleep) may be needed.

It may be performed through an endoscopic operation where two small cuts in the hairline are done. This gives the plastic surgeon access to place endoscopes and micro-instruments under the forehead skin, to release muscles that cause furrows between the brows, and lift sagging brows.

The traditional way of performing brow lift plastic surgery is with an incision from one ear to the other over the top of the head. This is associated with a big scar and hair loss. Most patients are candidates for endoscopic brow lifts, but some who have excessively dropped brows and forehead require an open approach.