Claim+ is a Hairloss range formulated with Hyaluronic acid which is present in the skin on the scalp and in the area of hair follicles.

We developed our hair loss products based on a research that utilize the restorative benefits of hyaluronic acid.

Some researchers found out that the reduction of natural hyaluronic acid production is a contributing factor in hair loss, especially male pattern baldness.

Claim+ Intensive treatment

Stimulates the normal growth of hair bulbs
A strengthening complex that provides intense support against hair loss. Plant oil extracts improve oxygenization of the bulbs, encouraging normal growth.The action of Hyaluronic acid is fundamental for reducing hair loss by rejuvenating tired hair bulbs.The revulsive action of the plant extracts, furthermore, increases micro-cycle hair activity in order to improve its effectiveness.

For a complete treatment, shampoo with CLAIMPLUS, remove excess water and apply the contents of the vial to the scalp, massage in gently and allow to rest for a few minutes before drying. The application of alcohol-based hair spray products is not recommended.

Claim+ Lotion

Stimulates normal bulb growth
A strengthening complex that provides intense support against hair loss. Plant oil extracts improve hair bulb oxygenization to promote normal growth. The stimulating and nourishing effect of this mixture of essential oils is designed to counteract weakening of the hair bulbs.

After shampooing and with damp hair that has been patted dry, use the special measuring device and apply the product evenly to the skin. Massage it in gently to promote absorption.

Claim+ Scalp Mask

Stimulates normal bulb growth
Recommended as a stimulant in the prevention of hair loss. The essential oils and plant-based active substances contained in this formula act to strengthen stimulate and nourish hair bulbs in order to counteract weakening.

With dry hair, apply evenly to scalp and massage gently and repeatedly, comb upwards, and allow to rest for several minutes prior to shampooing.

Claim+ Shampoo

Stimulates normal bulb growth
Recommended for cases of hair weakness or loss. Its delicate, controlled detergent action is enhanced by a combination of essential oils that endows this shampoo with stimulant properties. Counteracts hair loss and promotes re-growth when used regularly.

Carefully massage shampoo into scalp while hair is damp, then rinse and repeat. For greater effectiveness, allow the second application a moment to absorb.

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