Dr. Ignazio Scimè has more than 20 years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery

Masterclass on PRP, LipoFilling and LipoPlasmaFilling will be held in ‪Sharjah‬, ‪‎Dubai‬, ‪‎AbuDhabi‬ (UAE), ‪Riyadh‬ (SaudiArabia‬)‬ and Kuwait during the month of April 2014.

Dr. Ignazio Scimè has gained in-depth experience in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is a leading expert in the art of lipofilling of the face and in the use of PRP in facial rejuvenation. He attended numerous conference worldwide. Author of numerous scientific publications and has participated in numerous conferences around the world, often as a speaker.

In this masterclass you will learn the various uses of PRP for aesthetics and medical solutions for a variety of conditions. Acquire the necessary skills to perform all aesthetic injections and understand the inclusion or exclusion of white blood cells for specific areas as well as the benefits of decanting red cells for certain facial areas. Learn the various delivery options such as dermal rollers including selection criteria. Understand the biologic activity of PRP, clinical validity of PRP, anecdotal studies concerning various medical conditions, aesthetic considerations for use of PRP, as well as the future of cell therapies. Learn from our physician specialists about combination therapies, likely results for patients, and various other options to enhance PRP or other augmentation procedures for overall patient satisfaction.

Also a course on Lipofiling which is referred to as free fat transfer or fat grafting, a procedure to fill up facial features with your own body fat instead of using a chemical filling or an implant. This is a highly efficient procedure as it is not very invasive and produces natural results. About 70% of the fat stays forever and 30% stays for more than 6 months.

Patient selection, indications for use, different forms of PRP, and contraindications for the use of PRP will also be tackled through demonstrations on live patients.

Upon Completion certificates will be given to the attendees.

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