PRP technique with Density Platelet Gel is a new and exciting concept in aesthetic medicine for skin rejuvenation

Using growth factors from the patient’s itself in order to regenerate aged and damaged skin, this technique is very simple and practically painless. This treatment is particularly adapted for wrinkled face, forehead, cheeks, neck, orbital region, chin, nasolabial furrows, lips, acne scars, hands, décolleté, arms, inner thighs, abdomen as well as stretch marks, and atrophic scars.

The first results are normally visible after a few weeks and include damping and smoothing of wrinkles and folds, improvement in wound healing and scars, endogenous hydration, improvement in skin radiance, cell growth stimulation and densification in the dermis.

With Density Platelet Gel therefore we have in our hands the anti-aging technique that will be present over the next decades as the point of reference in aesthetic medicine.

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